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Sept. 19: Suzanne Fletcher - God is Present- Even in the Details

Have you ever been in a serious accident or life/changing illness? If so, perhaps you know already, our God never leaves us.  If not, perhaps my story will give you comfort. I will share a very personal pilgrimage through an auto accident and recovery from injuries. God was present along the way, drawing us ever closer to Him and daily reminding us of His Care, Provision and Extravagant Love—even in the midst of struggle! Suzanne Fletcher- Homemaker, wife of 53 years to Rick, mother of three wonderful daughters and grandmother of nine Fabulous grandchildren!!! Also, Bible teacher and disciple maker.  Hobby- gardening,  where God has taught me much about Himself.

Sept. 26: Holly Condrey - Defying Abortion Option

As a fifth generation Apopkan, Holly proudly shares of her deep family roots within the community, school and church, and has a tremendous passion for ‘all things Apopka’. Her family ties in Apopka and Orlando go back well over 100 years. Upon graduation from Apopka High School, Holly received her Associate of Arts Degree from Valencia College and went on to the University of Central Florida to study Business Management. Since college, she has worked for several large corporations and for the past year, has been serving as the Director of Membership and Business Development at the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce. Holly remains very involved at her high school where she is Chair of the Apopka High School Alumni Association. Additionally, Holly is an advocate for children’s healthcare and as such, serves on the Family Advisory Council at AdventHealth for Children, Orlando, and was recently named Chairwoman of the council. Holly is married to husband, Jack Condrey, and has two children, Victoria Burgett, age 20, and Blake Burgett, age 15.



Oct. 3: Gloria Solis - Fighting the Good Fight

Gloria Solis is on staff with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), as a FCA missionary she get the privilege of serving athletes & coaches in Orange County. FCA impacted her life as a young high school athlete. Growing up in poverty and in a broken home, sports was her safe place and helped her become a leader. FCA in high school taught her how to live for Jesus! Now, as a FCA missionary God has allowed Gloria to use sports to reach and minister to others. Gloria is an active member of Tribe Church and is a foster mom. She has lived in Orlando since 2013.



Oct. 10: Robyn Weatherman - Engaging Our Expectations

As a 3rd generation minister, I was called at a young age with a deep-rooted desire given by God to pursue family-social-world change by advancing His kingdom one life at a time. My journey so far consist of; ministry internships, Bible College, serving as a Missionary to China, Children’s Pastor, Youth Pastor, Young Adult Pastor, Church Administrator and many ministry roles through counseling, inner-healing, strategic prayer and founder of Tribe Activation Ministry. I have one daughter, Emily, age 18. Tribe Activation was brought into being thru 22+ years of ministry and a desire from God's heart to provide safe environments of learning & training for all believers, no matter what their age, background or denominational affiliation in order to join other believers and accomplish the vision & mission that the Lord has stirred up inside each of His people. Tribe Activation's sole purpose is to facilitate training & organic connections of believers to build affective Tribes that go forth and accomplish what they are hearing from the Lord in the timing and rhythm of God's heart for each season & journey


Oct. 17: Erica Philip

Oct. 24: Fran Carlton - God Bless The USA

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